fire-story-contentimg2All cables are not the same

Society and its inhabitants demand infinite amounts of electricity – and that means cables. Lots of them. Even though they might look very much alike on the outside, cables vary tremendously in terms of quality and safety. is initiated to show you the difference, and why you should think twice before choosing cables of poor quality.

Cables can kill

Around the world thousands of people are killed due to fires each year. Ten’s of thousands are injured and financial losses are unmeasurable.

In Sweden alone over 680 people died in fires between 2008 and 2014. The vast majority in residential buildings and apartments.

Many of these fires – and deaths – are rooted in electrical failure and low quality cables. Even if poor quality cables aren’t the cauase of a fire, they can spread flames rapidly, emitting black and poisonous smoke that kills when inhaled. Plus, the smoke decreases visibility, obstructs evacuation and, thus, indirectly kills even more people.

fire-story-contentimgWe care –  and so should you

New technologies, urbanization and the increase in population intensifies the demand for electricity. We build higher and higher buildings, new schools, hospitals, sport arenas… Every construction – whether a building or a bridge, a machine or an underground railway – needs electricity. And cables. Lots of cables.

With this in mind there are choices to be made. It might be tempting to buy low quality cables and save a buck or two. But that would be a very irresponsible decision, even lethal. Plus, at the end of the day cheap cables might not be the ones that will save you the most money.

We will show you what low quality cables can cause in case of fire and why buying safe cables is the better, smarter choice for people, property and the environment.


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