Europe just got safer

Europacable, the European Association representing the leading cable manufacturers in Europe, have signed a charter committing them to take actions that not only meet, but also exceed minimum requirements regarding cable safety.

In late April 2015, the leading wire and cable makers in Europe met to sign the Europacable Industry Charter. It is a commitment that goes beyond the basic requirements of the law – the members have signed on to take a proactive role in the persistent development of more safe and reliable cables.

Valerio Battista, President of Europacable, declared: “We, as Europacable members, are committed to raise awareness and to elevate and defend quality and standards against the increasingly growing threat of substandard products.”

Safer in many ways
The charter not only pinpoints the importance of opposing the threat of substandard cables entering the European market through continuous development of qualitycables. The goal is set even higher. Signatories of the charter commit to unceasing performance in significant areas including product compliance and innovation, business ethics and social responsibility, health and safety as well as environment and climate change. All topics that have both short and long term impact on the safety of the European communities.

Still steps to be taken
As much as we welcome this initiative we urge the European cable makers not to lean back in a false belief that this will be enough. Europacable gathers about 85 % of the European cable industry, which means 15 % still have to be convinced that the charter will be beneficial for them as their customers.
We also encourage the rest of the world’s cable manufacturers to follow the initiative of Europacable to secure a safe and reliable sustentation of energy and telecommunication.

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